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‘Believe in better…be more AWESOME – For anything is possible with God’

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Vision & Values

St Mary's CE First School and Nursery - A welcome from our Year Four Leaders

In 2020-21 we reviewed our school values to ensure that they are truly aligned with the bespoke nature of our AWESOME curriculum here at St Mary’s. The previous values of Love, Hope and Peace are still very much underpinning the ethos of the school. However, since we adopted those three values, the school has evolved to ensure our Christian vision is safeguarded in the changing landscapes both in education and in our communities. 


The children, parents, governors, senior leaders and the teaching team have been thinking about the most suitable values which would not only drive our ambitions for the children and their families but also to reflect the ethos and working practices of the St Mary’s 'family'. This document has been designed and written to give substance and rationale to our current school values.