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Late/Absence Procedures

We are committed to ensuring that all children have access to high quality education however we do appreciate there are times when children fall ill or need to have time away from school.


If your child is poorly then please call the school office to notify us for each day of the absence, and leave a message on our automated phone system. Alternatively, please use Parentmail to report an absence.


If you are running late for drop-off, a quick call to the office will alert us that you are on your way and will prevent your child being marked absent in the register. When you arrive you will be asked to sign your child in through the main school office and a member of staff will ensure that your child reaches their class safely.


If you would like to request absence during term time then you will need to put this request into writing, addressed to the headteacher. Each individual case will be considered on its own merits. Due to Government ruling, requests for holidays during term time can only be authorised if the reasoning is deemed to be exceptional circumstances.


We regularly monitor attendance. Parents or Carers may be contacted in writing if your child's attendance falls below the level deemed as satisfactory by Ofsted (currently 95%).