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At St Mary's CE First School & Nursery, we are committed to providing a mathematics education that develops a love of learning and supports the development of confident, independent thinkers. Our vision is for all students to become proficient in mathematics, through the development of a deep and thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and the ability to apply this knowledge in real-world situations.


Our curriculum is designed to foster a lifelong enjoyment of mathematics, through the use of engaging and interactive teaching methods, and drawing upon some of the best resources available, including Inspire Maths, Number Sense Maths, White Rose Maths and Mastering Number from the NCETM.


Throughout the academic year 2022-23, our EYFS and KS1 teachers have participated in a Maths Hub Network, led by the Mastering Number Team at the NCETM. This work has developed our pedagogy of early mathematics, providing our students with all of the tools necessary to master the concept of number from an early stage in their mathematics learning journey.


Our approach to mathematics is grounded in the development of mastery, which encourages students to engage with mathematics in a meaningful and challenging way, and to develop a growth mindset. When planning curriculum content, teachers prioritise 'forward-facing' knowledge. This goes beyond important facts of number. It includes the mathematical methods that pupils will take with them on their journey. The ideal aim is for pupils to attain proficiency, not just collective moments of understanding, familiarity or experience. This will help pupils to develop motivation in the subject.


Overall, our vision for mathematics at St Mary's CE First School & Nursery is to provide a supportive, challenging, and enjoyable learning experience that inspires our students to become confident, capable, and curious mathematical thinkers, prepared for whatever opportunities and challenges lie ahead.

Inclusion in our Curriculum - Removing Barriers in Maths