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‘Believe in better…be more AWESOME – For anything is possible with God’

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Our Curriculum



We are very proud of our curriculum offer here at St Mary's.


In 2019, we began work on updating our curriculum to ensure that it continued to meet the needs of our children whilst providing them with a wealth of knowledge and skills which would serve them well throughout their lives.


After much deliberation and consultation, we set to work on rebuilding our wider curriculum from the ground up, whilst building on the awesome work which was already going on in our English and Maths curriculums. Following the COVID pandemic, it became even clearer what our children needed, and so we have now established a wider curriculum which enables them to become invested in the importance of oneness, interdependence, adaptation, health, diversity and cycles; the harmony principles of nature. 


More can be learnt about the 'Harmony' approach to our wider curriculum by clicking here.

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