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‘Believe in better…be more AWESOME – For anything is possible with God’

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Welcome to Nursery!


Hello Sparrows and Goldfinches,


On this page you will find a range of information about your child's time in Nursery. 

There is also an awesome list of websites which you can explore with an adult in our 'Useful Links' page. 

If you need any help with learning at home, please contact us on the form below.


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Tidy up Song

Sticky Kids - Let's Go Walking

Sticky Kids - Funky Monkey

Sticky Kids - If You're Happy

Check out our home learning - please email your pictures to

Scavenger Hunt - Half Term Fun

Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly - 22.05.2020

Here it is, this week's Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly. We hope you all enjoy it - LINK

Wellbeing Activities

Some of these ideas will help you start conversations with your child, keep them entertained and inspired whilst at home, and encourage you to enjoy quality time together as a family.  All of which are important for your wellbeing.

Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly - 15.05.2020

Here it is, this week's Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly. We hope you all enjoy it - LINK

Wellbeing Activities

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we are all feeling less secure and missing our everyday routines.  But just as doing exercise improves physical health, you and your child can do activities to boost your mental health.  The resources below may help your child deal with their feelings and their reactions to the current situation.

Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly - 07.05.2020

Here it is, this week's Awesome Learner Assembly which we have teamed with our very own VE Day tribute. We hope you all enjoy it - LINK

Why Can't I have chocolate for breakfast?

Fun games to play at home.

Wellbeing: I am an amazing person

Use this resource to help your child appreciate how special and amazing they are.  Answering the questions in the stars will help them realise they are very special and very valued by others.

Our Christian Value Hope:  The Prodigal Son

God the Father loves us and wants us to be happy.  When we make the wrong choices it makes him feel sad, but when we turn away from bad things it fills him with Joy and Hope.  Discuss times when good and bad choices have been made and how it makes us and others feel.  

Why Can't I have chocolate for breakfast?

Wake and Shake Songs. Have Fun!

Stand Up, Sit Down

Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly 01.05.2020

Well done to all of our Nursery children for another AWESOME week of home learning. Check out this week’s Virtual Awesome Learner Assembly - LINK

Nursery’s Mother’s Day Song 2020

St Mary's Nursery

St Mary’s Nursery provides a high quality nursery education for children between the ages of two and four years old. The quality of the learning environment is very important to us and natural materials and soft, calming colours are found throughout. Plants, soft lighting and quiet background music along with a traditional garden all help to create a homely and nurturing atmosphere.


Your child will be able to spend their time inside or outdoors, gardening, exploring, creating and learning to appreciate the natural world and develop at their own pace.


The nursery caters for children from their second birthday until they go to school. We are offering sessional nursery education in the mornings and afternoons in addition to all day care.


We appreciate that selecting the right early years environment can be a daunting task and are delighted that you are exploring the possibility of sending your child to St. Mary’s Nursery.  When you visit us we hope you will find it a refreshing experience where our carefully selected and highly qualified staff will make you and your child feel very welcome.


Jayne Lilley, EYFS Lead

Contact: 01202 874838